Extending the Timetable Combinator

I received quite some feedback on the Timetable Combinator, and the number of accesses was quite motivating:

  • Saturday 15:00 - 0 hits
  • Sunday 16:00 - ~1200 hits
  • Monday 10:45 - ~2400 hits

So, I took some time yesterday to implement stuff.

Firstly, I listened to a request I received a few times: the possibility to toggle theoretical classes. It was quite easy, just inserting a parameter in a few methods.

The second improvement has more to do with jQuery and is performance-related. I noticed that when having too many URLs to load, the browser would eat up too much processing power and sometimes the server would refuse to serve some pages. So, I thought about implementing some kind of AJAX request queueing.

Then, I thought again and googled quickly for some implementation of AJAX request queueing for jQuery. It was very easy to find and worked like a charm. However, now the resources were being wasted, because one request at a time would take to long to complete if the URL list was too long. It took me some minutes to implement support for multiple queues, just check the source code if you're interested.

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